Energy Meter

Measure the Power Effectively

The meters can be configured in the Solar-Log™ for different operating modes depending on their use. It is possible to record generation power (generator), consumption (consumption or 2-direction measurement*) and sub-consumption values, as well as recording battery charging and discharging power. Due to the operating modes, the compatible meters can be used for a wide range of applications.

*The 2-direction measurement of consumption is not possible with the 1-phase energy meters Iskra and Solar-Log™ PRO1.

Find out about the configuration of the meters at our Solar-LogTM Academy.

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Current Transformers

Our current transformers offer ranges from window or tube type to split core current transformers. You can use these, for example, for our Solar-LogTM PRO380 and Utility Meter.

We offer current transformers for various rail or cable dimensions, ratios and class accuracies as well as for primary currents from 100 A to 500 A and secondary currents of 1 A or even 5 A. The split core current transformers are ideally suited for retrofitting in new, but also existing plants.

For setting the transformer ratio, please be sure to use our tutorials.

Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO &          UMG 604 E-PRO (24V)

Control of reactive power & acquisition of measured values

With the Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO and the Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO (24V) in the cost-optimised DIN rail format, the voltage quality can be monitored and detailed grid-/energy management can be carried out. Connection to the communication structure is possible, among other things, through the Ethernet interface and the wide range of IP protocols offered.

The Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO and the Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO (24V) are used to carry out measurements of the grid system and analyses of the voltage quality, which are necessary for PV system control according to VDE-AR 4110:2028; therefore this meter is compatible in the Solar-Log System for certified grid control according to VDE-AR 4110:2018. Additional. Voltage quality measurement according to the standards DIN EN 50160 and DIN EN 61000-2-4 or the analyses and visualizations can be carried out via the Janitza grid visualization software GridVis® or also via the APPs - as local intelligence.

Depending on the requirements, the Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO (with a 12V power supply unit) or the Utility Meter UMG 604 E-PRO (24V) (with a 24V power supply unit) can be used.


Utility Meter UMG 104

Control of reactive power & recording of measured values

The Utility Meter UMG 104 is a universal measuring device. It can be integrated into both the low-voltage and the medium-voltage grid (via transformers) and is required for various tasks. In addition to voltage-controlled reactive power control Q(U), it is used for reactive power control, and for recording measured values for feedback to the network operator. It is also suitable as a consumption meter for large loads.

All technical data sheets and manuals for the energy meters can be found in our download area.